The Best Funny Instagram Captions 2021

funny instagram captions

The Best Funny Instagram Captions


funny instagram captions

Funny Instagram Captions

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  1. It is a short life. Smile while you have your teeth.
  2. Reality called and I was forced to hang up.
  3. I’m on an intimate date with a woman who isn’t social.
  4. I need a 6-month vacation…twice per year.
  5. I eat seafood. I love food and will eat it whenever I see it.
  6. I was pulled over by a cop who told me Papers. I replied Scissors! I drove away.
  7. Even the calendar becomes absurd after Tuesdays.
  8. I whispered, “Be strong!” to my WiFi signal.
  9. Dear sleep, thanks for your efforts. But surfing the net is still better than sleeping.
  10. Deodorant is just like common sense. It is not necessary for everyone, but those who most need it the least will never use it.
  11. It’s unbelievable that I didn’t go to the gym today. This is 7 years straight.
  12. My bed is magical. I suddenly remember everything.
  13. Brains are amazing. I wish everyone had one.
  14. Math class for me is like watching a foreign movie with no subtitles.
  15. What does it feel like to be without coffee? Depresso.
  16. Kanye West’s confidence level.
  17. What do you call a pig who does karate? Pork Chop
  18. Best Funny Instagram Captions for Freinds

  19. I was innocent. My best friend was then born.
  20. We are best friends. Remember that I will pick you up if you fall…after I stop laughing.
  21. Friends knock at the door. Your best friends enter your home and begin to eat.
  22. You shouldn’t do crazy things alone, friends.
  23. Making friends with people suffering from the same mental disorder is priceless. It is priceless! It’s priceless!
  24. The umbrella will be shared by good friends. It will be stolen by best friends who will shout: Run loser run!
  25. True friends are those who come in and help when others leave.
  26. A friend is a good friend who knows your best stories.
  27. A friend who is good to you is like a box full of chocolate. It’s sweet, nutty and a great remedy for bad days!
  28. Your friends shouldn’t make fun about you if they don’t.
  29. There is nothing like the feeling of having your stomach hurt from laughing with your closest friends.
  30. Being friends is…equally annoying.
  31. Friendship is like money. It’s easier to make than keep it.
  32. Friends are the chocolate chips inside the cookie of friendship.
  33. Bad ideas can lead to the best memories
  34. Talking to your friend in strange conversations and realizing that if they heard you, we would all be sent to a mental institution.
  35. Happiness is sharing your joy with others.
  36. A friend who is best for you is like a four leaf clover. It’s hard to find, but it’s also rare to have.
  37. Friends may come and go, but true friends stay like an octopus on their faces!
  38. I don’t want heaven. None of my friends want to go there.
  39. The best friend is one who doesn’t forget about you.
  40. I hope that we will never stop laughing at each other.
  41. Everybody has one annoying friend. If you don’t, it’s likely you.
  42. Friends will pick us up if we fall, and if they cannot, they’ll lie with us for a while and listen.
  43. I don’t know which is more tight, our jeans or our friendship.
  44. When you insult a friend, real friends won’t be offended. They will smile and call your insults even more offensive.
  45. Therapy with your best friend can be as simple as talking to your best friend.
  46. True friends are not judgmental of each other. They don’t judge each other.
  47. Your secret will be kept longer by your best friends – at most for an hour.
  48. Do not let your best friends become lonely. Do not let your best friends get lonely. Keep them awake!
  49. True friends care like a mother, are stern like dads, tease like sisters, and love more than a lover.
  50. Friends don’t care about how clean your house looks. They don’t care if your house is clean.
  51. A best friend is the key to every woman’s success.
  52. Because God knew that our moms wouldn’t be able to handle us as sisters, he made us best friends.
  53. A girl can live without a boyfriend but not without her best friend.
  54. A friend is someone who understands you well and still loves you.
  55. The perfect combination of coffee and friends is coffee
  56. True friends are those who can overlook your failures and accept your successes.
  57. Friends are the ones you choose to call your family.
  58. Strangers think that I am quiet. My friends think that I am outgoing. But my closest friends know that I am completely insane.
  59. Friends buy lunch for you. Your lunch is shared with your best friends.
  60. True friends are always found in difficult times.

Funny Instagram captions for Couples


My bed is magical, it’s like a magic place. I suddenly remember everything that I did.
You are like rain to me.
Let’s get together and commit the perfect crime. You’ll take my heart, and I’ll steal it from you.
You can still eat, but not post it on Instagram.
I won’t even cry for you. My mascara is too costly.
Friday is my second favorite F-word.
I wish my wallet had free refills.
I am not insane, but I find the term mentally funny.
You are the best.

Best Funny Instagram Captions 

Even the sky sometimes cries, it’s okay.
You can see it in a girl’s smile when she is in love. You can see the love in a man’s eyes when he is in it.
You are everything I have ever wanted.
You are my unconditional love.
When you’re near me, I can feel the scent of LOVE all around.
Sometimes, I just look at you and wonder how I was so lucky.
Every moment with you is sweet and unforgettable
I don’t chat to flirt.
One soul, two bodies
I will always take your risk.
Smile every time his name appears on your screen. You are in love.

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