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What is ONTD

What is ONTD ? and Oh No They Didn’t Best Answer 2021

What does “ONTD” mean?


What is ONTD
What is ONTD

First Example: 

The acronym “ONTD” has two meanings. It stands for “Open Neural Tube Defects” in the medical community. This is a medical condition that affects children.

Another meaning of ONTD is “Oh No They Didn’t”, which is similar to “GTFO.”

But, “Oh No They didn’t” is the name of a popular blog on LiveJournal. This well-known blogging website also has a blog called “Oh No They Didn’t”. This blog is dedicated to celebrity gossip.

Second Example : 

The full name of ONTD is Oh No they Didn’t – The acronym “ONTD” is used to signify the phrase “Oh No they Didn’t”, which is the title for the largest celebrity blog on LiveJounral. This blog covers celebrity gossip, news and shares photos from celebrity blogs. It occasionally features a celebrity feature.

Origin of ONTD
Three teenagers named Eric Lang, Breniecia Ruben, and Bri Draffen created the blog site in 2004. The site’s ownership was transferred to the moderators, Elizabeth Carter and Brenden Dezer in 2009.

Examples of Conversations
Two friends have a text conversation.

Friend 1: ONTD is my addiction!
Friend 2 (me too!) It is something I must read every morning as I get ready to go to school.
Friend 1: The same here! It is the most important thing in my day.


“ONTD” in the medical area


“Open Neural Tube Defects”There are problems that can arise in the infant’s neurological system, i.e. The infant’s neurological structure, such as the brain, spinal cord or spine, is still being formed while it is still in utero. within the mother’s womb.

This is a medical condition that affects approximately one child in every 1500. The repercussions of it can be severe or mild.

Here’s what you need know about “ONTD” and its functions, without going into too much detail.

Both the baby’s spine and brain are flat plates of cells right after conception.

These flat cells will be rolled into a tube around 28 to 32 days after conception. This tube is known as the neural tube.

It is crucial that the tube completely closes. If it does not, it can leave an opening which could lead to a defect in the neural tube.


Person #1 – Hey, what does it feel like to be a father?

Person #2: It’s scary, to be honest. When she was pregnant, our child suffered from ONTD. She needed several surgeries to correct the problem as soon as she was born. She’s now all well, and I can breathe easier.

“Oh No They Didn’t” is shorthand for “ONTD”


The internet is well-known for its promotion of acronyms and abbreviations.

A simple term like “YOLO,” which is shorthand for “You Only Live Once”, has been used to spread the word so widely that there have been many music videos and comedy sketches.memes.

This is the beauty of the internet. It is a self-feeding creature and will latch on to whatever it likes until it loses interest.

Another acronym that the internet is well-known for is “ONTD”.

First, ONTD stands for “Oh No They Didn’t”. This is an expression that you use when you find someone doing something outrageous or insulting.

The birth of a blog
It is interesting to note that “ONTD” is also known as the name of the popular gossip blog.

This blog posts celebrity news and uploads photos. It also reshares posts from celebrity gossip blogs. The occasional celebrity feature may be done by “ONTD”.

“ONTD” was first created in 2004. Three teenagers named Eric Lang, Bri Dffen, and Breniecia Ruben were the creators of “ONTD”.

The blog site was changed in 2009, five years after its original launch.handsIt was purchased by Elizabeth Carter, Brenden Delzer, who both monitor and moderate the site.

Many people claim that “ONTD” is both addictive and good for you.

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