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Why do we write and the purpose of writing

Why do we write and the purpose of writing


What is writing:

Writing is one of the mediums of human communication. This includes the language in which you want to pass information and their written symbols. It means referring to a language in a form that can be reconstructed by other humans as well.


Purpose of writing:

The purpose of writing is to achieve an aim. The purpose is to deliver your ideas and information to others in the form of writing. Writing is simply passing on the information even to those you do not even know but are interested in your thoughts and views.


There is no rocket science or science fiction question about the purpose of writing. One writes for a specific person to send a message to a specific person or a group. Someone writes for the whole world like writing a book, novel, or an article. The passing of the information is used in either case. This is the purpose of writing.


Reasons for Writing:

The specific reason for writing is to pass on the information and then get the reader’s action. The action of the reader may be in the written form too. As we often start writing from our school because it is the best way of learning too. These are some simple phrases that are enough to understand why we write. We either write for ourselves or write for others.

Writing for ourselves:

We often and mostly write for ourselves. The purpose of writing for ourselves may be to understand something, learn, or write for private affairs, like writing in a journal. This writing can also be passed to someone else.


Writing for someone else:

Writing for someone else can be paid and passing on some information to the people, like writing a message in an organization for a group of people working there. Writing a book that is applicable for reading for the whole world.


Benefits of writing:

Ideas come into a person’s head every time. When you write these ideas for any purpose, this helps you to remember them easily. While writing new ideas, you can come back to your previous ideas if you missed something in them.

You can learn more about your writing. If you already write many things, you can look back and make sure of your writing experience. It can also assist in learning more about your writing of yourself.

Sometimes writing can be more understandable than speaking BEcause you can convey a clear message to the reader. You can also convince someone or an organization to do your analysis.


The primary purpose of writing is to be alive.

Once Sir Ken Robinson says:

“The arts especially address the idea of aesthetic experience. An aesthetic experience is one in which your senses are operating at their peak; when you are present in the current moment; when you are resonating with the excitement of this thing that you are experiencing; when you are fully alive.” Reference Quote by Ken Robinson: “The arts primarily address the ….


We write proposals. Moreover, that purpose is the requirement of every human being. You have to be educated to write something. If you have the information, you can write for either yourself as well or others. There are thousands of benefits and purposes of writing. I hope we give you an answer to why we write. I hope you will be satisfied.


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