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How to become a genius

How to become a genius Top 5 strategies to become a genius

How to Become a Genius

How to become a genius
How to become a genius

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Being a genius is a precious gift. God says every man is equal. So it means every person has an equal level of genuineness. Still, when we see a person with fantastic knowledge, we call him God gifted genius. Genius is not something that comes from a mother’s womb, and this is what you will develop by yourself.

When we hear the word genius, who comes to mind first. Albert Einstein, Lionel Messi, and many more achieved a lot. They were infected geniuses, but they created themselves, not God-gifted.

Simply it is our mistake that we consider geniuses God-gifted talent. We shrug ourselves by saying, “oh, they are different. They are completely different from us. They are genius,” so the question will be, how to become a genius then?


Guinness comes from intelligence. Moreover, even science proved that intelligence could be increased by training.


When you train your child to be intelligent and a genius from childhood. They grew up being geniuses. Training them from childhood is the best alternative for it. In school, when a person gets an education, the teachers train them to be educated. The more knowledge you have, the more genius you will be.

These are some of the following strategies that you can practice on your child and yourself to become more genius.

How to Become a Genius


Train yourself:

Simple training of yourself or anyone you want that you must be interested in knowing something. It is a known fact that every person cannot be good in every subject you love, so make sure you know everything about them.


Be always curious:

Interest in anything makes you curious about it. Curiosity is a good thing. It is one of the keys to a genius person. They are always curious about certain things that they are interested in. Like the day after the exam, we spend the whole day thinking about it, doing the paper, what we should do, and what not; these come into our minds. This is curiosity. So try to be curious, and that will make you a genius.


Try to get more education:

Education is the key to your intelligence and genuineness. Try to get as much education and knowledge as you can. Education will make you active and will allow you to dominate everyone with it. When you dominate someone, then the people will say how genius he is. This is why education is the key to geniuses.


Test yourself:

Genius people do not hesitate to test their ideas and thoughts. When a new idea comes to your mind, try to implement it as fast as you can. Do not worry if the idea will fail or succeed; try it. This is how you will grow.


Work is not money:

The phrase “work is not money” is what you must have in your mind. Do not do everything to get money from it. Think of it as your passion. Passion is so overrated, but for those who talk about passion, not using it to be one of the works done admired by thousands of people.



These are the five best strategies that can grow your mind to a genius mind. Genius is not a thing that comes with birth. Even some billionaires were not that genius, but they are still leading the world because of their hard work. If you want to become a genius, then these are the strategies for you. Implicit them in yourself, and then you will see the result of it.


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